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DOXBIN is more than just a file sharing site, it's peace of mind.

Accessible from virtually any device.

DOXBIN allows you to access your files from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Stay organized by assigning folders

Folders allow you to store your documents just like you would on your computer.

View files by category.

Quickly filter your files by file extension category.

DOXBIN provides several file sharing expiration options.

Share without restrictions by providing a direct link.

Password protect

Make a file viewable only by password.

Expire by date

Make a file viewable only until a certain date.

Expire by downloads

Make a file expirate after a certain number of downloads.

Free for life

DOXBIN offers a free account that is yours to use without ever requiring a credit card or payment. You can make unlimited changes to your files and never have to make any sort of committment.

Afforable upgrades

Keeping inline with our minimalistic strategy, we're offering 2 plan upgrades at industry leading prices. Upgrade to 100GB or storage for only $30 annually or 1TB of storage for $60 annually.

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  • 1000 MB storage (NEW!)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth



  • 100 GB storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth



  • 1 TB storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

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